Senin, 17 Januari 2011

story about holiday

            Last holiday, I went to Sidoarjo with my family by car. We went there in the morning, we have long trip.  After 4 hours trip, we arrived in Sidoarjo, we stay in aunt Yulin's home. next day, my family and aunt Yulin's family visited aunt Susi in Jember. we have 5 hours trip..
          after arrived in aunt's Susi home, we broke. in the night, we watched football match together. we dissapointed because Indonesia lost of Malaysia.
         next day, we back to Sidoarjo, and next day we go to Madiun. I'm very happy happy when met my brother, sister, and all of my family..

*I'm sorry if I have mistake, I'm not speak english well..

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